TNL Onstage

OnstagearticleTNL Onstage is a musical milestone that is anxiously awaited year after year by aspiring musicians and local-talent thirsting crowds. Since its first appearance in 1999, Onstage has rapidly grown to become the music authority on upcoming artists in the local music industry. TNL Onstage, has evolved from a garage-band talent competition into its recent standing-room-only, big lights, big sound, big stage twelfth season production that saw the most talented musicians in the country fight it out for the coveted title and prizes amounting to over 1.5 Million Rupees in cash and musical equipment.

It has spawned artists who have now become the corner stones of the original music scene and have in turn dared young bands to take their music out of the safety of garage practices and bedroom jams and on to the thrills and challenges of live performances for thronging crowds.

Onstage has earned a reputation as being the war-monger of rock n’ roll success stories, proving to parents and skeptics country wide that wanting to grow up and become a musician is not just dreamers’ folly. Having fought the limited nature of opportunities afforded to local musicians and reviving the entertainment factor of live concerts, Onstage has over the years carved a promising original music industry in the country, inspiring scores of artists from various genres to release their singles and their albums in a way that earns them not just manic followings but also airplay on the country’s top broadcasting networks and recognition in the region’s music industry.